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An impressive vault with much historical charm

The Wine Cellar

An impressive vault with much historical charm

The original entrance leads to the cellars of the Stockalperturm, here you can sense the spirit of the tower and be spoiled with an aperitif.

In Stockalper's day, goods were transported by horse and cart and stored. The cellar was also used as a stable. Over the years, the premises were used for storing wine.

As an introduction to the Surprise Menu or as a pleasant place to get together for an appetizer, the winery offers a genuine atmosphere in which to dream of true life stories.

In Valais, friends meet in the Carnozet to spend time together and enjoy a fine wine. In the cellar they also enjoy the local produce, such as the famous Valais Platter, with cured meat fromValais, cured ham, homemade sausage and rye bread or enjoy a good Raclette AOP.

The Carnozet, or cellar, is ideal for a cosy evening with family, friends or colleagues, or for a relaxed chat with employees.